Cornballs2 Poster

Official 'Stunt Star - Cornballs 2' Poster!

After the critical and commercial failure of his 1968 movie "Crazy Spaceship", Sidney Labrick went into non voluntary retirement for 14 years. He returned with his 1982 teen comedy "Cornballs 2", which was terrible. It did, however, feature some better than average stunt work. This has lead to a recent rediscovery of Labricks work, and the re-release of several of his 1980's stunt masterpieces, retitled as the "Stunt Star Trilogy"

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Tombstone 2000 Poster

Official 'Stunt Star - Tombstone 2000' Poster!

The second movie in Labricks Stunt Star trilogy was the poorly regarded "Tombstone 2000: Beyond Chromedome". It was too embarrassing to watch even back in 1983, so don't even try it now.

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